Meizu Plus 15 according to the real machine exposure: curved screen?

The 15 Plus cell phone of the Meizu people has a sense of mystery. In addition to the Huang Zhang personally built, 15th anniversary models and other information, there seems to be no other information to be visible.

Today, the digital blogger @熊本科技 has sent out three photos of the Meizu unpublished models on micro-blog, such as the 15 Plus that will be released without accident.魅族15 Plus真机照曝光:曲面屏?

From the picture, Meizu 15 Plus uses the design of all metal body, the back is the classic design of Meizu, the vertical double camera, the ring flash and the U antenna design. But probably because the edge of the frame has a larger edge, the antenna stripe looks straight and is the same as the straight line. The physical keys are placed on the right side of the fuselage.

The positive visual effect is much better, the whole machine looks very round, like a fine carved jade. However, because the clarity of the picture is not enough, it can’t tell whether this model has a curved surface design. In addition, the front camera was placed in the middle of the edge of the forehead, below is the receiver strips. At the same time, the mBack key of the Meizu classic is still there.

However, the screen occupation ratio is not extreme.

As for the processor, the 15 Plus of Meizu should not continue to grind the joint hair division.魅族15 Plus真机照曝光:曲面屏?魅族15 Plus真机照曝光:曲面屏?魅族15 Plus真机照曝光:曲面屏?


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