Meizu MX4 store experience, 15 you don’t know the details


Always believe that a penny a points goods, meizu can not make money, but can’t be at a loss, meizu can have a taste, but can’t violate the market rule.The experience of the following details has advantages disadvantages.Before you buy a closer look at is good.
1, mobile phone shell mold up after simple sense is good, is very comfortable to hold it in hand.Estimate the white will be more comfortable, white is not only the visual effect is good, feels estimate is better.
2, mobile phone vibration than the meizu MX3, was moderate.
3, the inside of the rear camera lens entity.After all is a 20700000 megapixel camera ah, continue to optimize the expecting effect, exert its potential.
4, after the shell is very good.It’s a pity that can’t change the battery, the more the design of the egg pain when it’s time to change.
5, the volume button for more than MX3 by hard a lot.The sensory feedback is not very comfortable, hope to improve.
6, front, or 2 million, can be real-time skin care, beauty has a BUG, save the photos without the effect of skin care.
7 and rear 2070 w photographic good fast, also can real-time facial, see beauty salesman rendering.But the shooting effect is lower than expected.Hope to continue to optimize the subsequent software.
8, mobile phone gap or than imagine cuhk, hope is the cause of the engineering machine, engineering machine first mice?
9, double flash has little red head.
10 the USB line, 1.5 meters 1.2 meters.
11, packing box (book) a lot of thick, in order to fit 2 a charger.
12, 2 a, charger, appearance is very few, inserted strip placeholder.
13, microphone, speaker hole with the steel mesh.Look good quality.
14, the speaker a lot larger than mx3 volume, not afraid of dropped calls.Noise in the bottom of a store is too big, not very careful comparison test.
15, signal break every five, connection work done a good job this time, very smooth.

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