LUCI will Introduce New Products of IOD—- immers


There will still be a lot of new tech debuts at CES this year, and LUCI is one of the most high-profile brands. IOD (Immersion on Demand) is a new category of concept that LUCI puts forward . They are a technology and entertainment company, committed to the development of the next generation of immersive entertainment experience, awaking people’s sense to resonate users’ emotion with the content. LUCI will take immers to appear on CES 2018. The clear and compact IOD product can realize taking top movie theater with users come true and let users enjoy the audio-visual feast immersion anytime and anywhere.

In addition to look forward of the product, the company can always be connected with the movie “LUCY” . Does it imply that LUCI will forever remain in awe of human Intelligence and intelligent evolution through the combination of Lucy +Intelligence? In any case, it’s worth looking forward to the new star of CES 2018.



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