Look at the 6.4 inch Unlocked Mobile Phone launched by vivo in Hongkong: vivo X20 plus

vivo wrote episode two Taiwanese handset V7 and V7 + , some netizens on its specifications were not too happy , feel too a portal . What if today is the vivo brand in the high order bit of a hand dryer to – to – market , which costs about $ 15,000 , the reaction of everyone will be better ?

来看看香港vivo 推出的6.4 吋脸部解锁手机:vivo X20 plus

In the vivo brand in Hong Kong recently launched X20 + X20 and the new sub – paragraphs ( 1 ) , an advanced X20 + in Hong Kong price is 4 , 198 yuan HK , Taiwan dollars , about 16 , 000 yuan , black and gold colors . X20 + equipped with 6 . 43 + FHD Super AMOLED screen and S660 processor , 4GB of RAM and 64GB of memory has ROM , and a large battery of 3905mAh .

camera aspects , X20 + X20 is higher order than a bit , before addition to the lens aperture is larger , with F2 . 0 , the more support the vivo brand image cube DSP and OIS optical shockproof function ; vivo always hit sound characteristics , X20 + ES9318 there , rather than showing X20 AK4376A better .

Finally one , there is provided a X20 + Face Wake function , a phone unlocking the alignment face ( the face is actually unlocked ? ) , which is the iPhone X ” with a finger to dial up ” action .

来看看香港vivo 推出的6.4 吋脸部解锁手机:vivo X20 plus

来看看香港vivo 推出的6.4 吋脸部解锁手机:vivo X20 plus

vivo in Taiwan for the first time next week will meet with all of them from before there was much Hi – Fi phone – order , first trip to Taiwan with V7 , V7 + mobile phone according to this specification , the water is clear , at this stage also don ‘ t know what the position is in the vivo brand in the Taiwan market , because the overall market sales were modest , but the competition is always fierce !


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