Liu Zuohu: OnePlus 2017 Revenue Exceeds $1.4 Billion; OnePlus 6 will be Released in Second Quarter


Recently, Telegraph reported that Liu Zuohu (Pete Lau), the CEO of OnePlus, revealed that OnePlus revenue of science and technology achieved more than $1.4 billion (9 billion yuan), and the profit was healthy. That was closer to the $10 billion revenue target. In addition, the company planed to challenge stronger rivals by cooprating with mobile operators in the US and Europe.

The size of the phone was small compared with its competitors. Liu said profit margins were good because they focus only on the high end market.

Last week, Liu said in an interview during CES, the next generation of new product would be released later in the second quarter of this year, and the release date (June) was same with OnePlus 5 last year. If there is no accident, it is the new flagship OnePlus 6. The new machine will be equipped with Snapdragon 845 processor, and it is expected to have a 2K resolution OLED full screen, a fingerprint technology and a stronger face recognition function.

During CES, Liu also revealed that when there were appropriate opportunities and opportune times, they were willing to cooperate with US operators.


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