Lenovo VIBE X2 listed Chinese retail price 2499 yuan


High-end products has been soft rib of lenovo mobile, therefore the birth of the VIBE brand belongs to the inevitable, used to fill a vacancy in high-end mobile phone market.Try the first generation of aquatic products VIBE Z/X obtained certain response, but far from 2 generation product that concern, which sold $4799 worth of VIBE Z2 belongs to the flagship product, collect a variety of high-end, VIBE X2 with maverick Layer in layered box design won the title of “best flagship smartphone”, locking in the high-end market.

And news from the before, the same VIBE X2 officially on sale in domestic and on 22 pioneered in offline entity channel sale, will land on lenovo brand shop, shop, d.phone, gome, suning, and in the domain, music stores will be launched, such as the starting price is 2499 yuan, later will also spread goods online, Su Ningyi purchase has been on the phone, in a few days will be the arrival of the goods, the price is in line with the offline pricing.

Variety of color box not only let the X2 + multilayer design in a the smartphone in domestic is very impressive, is also the most distinctive association this year design model, the color of the box in reasonable collocation, on the basis of the mass-tone attune to progressive type color, whole is tonal harmony not abrupt, at the same time to launch multiple color version.VIBE X2 thickness is thin enough, only 7.27 mm, the back is very smooth, the width of 68.6 mm for X2 ultra narrow screen borders, moreover also USES magnesium aluminum alloy material, the intensity of heat dispelling better.

Lenovo on VIBE X2 joined the concept of “eye”, is equipped with a 5 in 1080 p resolution of LTPS screen, carrying lenovo own CTA + multistage color temperature control technology, bright color more vivid and touch screen technology upgrading, through five process processing, complementary with nanometer organic coating, improve tactility.

Although it is in the second paragraph of carryingMTK6595And officially listed on the product, the VIBE X2 processor and meizu MX4 is different, the X2 built-in MTK6595M eight nuclear, frequency of 2 GHZ, support 3 mold 10 frequency (mobile 4 g, 3 g/GSM), supports dual SIM card, RAM memory is 2 g + 16 g ROM, battery capacity is 2300 ma, running on Android 4.42 custom VIBE UI2.0, support double wheat noise reduction, dual-band WIFI, and other functions.

X2 camera for a more optimized, the former 5 million 13 million pixels after SONY camera, the second generation of stack type with the new lenovo super can realize many cameras, camera support intelligent sense of beauty, the intelligent body self-time, etc., such as double click the HOME button before, gestures, pictures, etc.This article from MTK phone http://www.mtksj.com

Personality distinct appearance design, practical configuration, lenovo VIBE X2 for fashionistas, now to the arcade of apple, samsung, VIBE X2 might be to add some color in the streets.

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