Lenovo S8 ≠ value prices continue to spot marketing model


xiaomi hunger now tired Lenovo marketing gold fighter S8 fans point win praise
August 16, 2011, the first xiaomi come out, the price of 1999 disrupted the market fairly balanced handset prices, mobile phone prices polarization was obvious, thousands of smart configuration occupying the lower rational consumers, 4,000 yuan above flagship high-end market, price and value represents the different products on the hardware and experience. Since xiaomi release date of this rule has been destroyed, with fever caused uproar slogan students, high with low prices is desirable, but xiaomi technology for consumers to prepare a new marketing program – hunger marketing, it is no problem to buy buy do not buy pure luck.

价格≠价值 联想S8继续现货营销模式

2014, xiaomi from red rice will release thousands of smart phones pulled thousand dollars below the price line again, a good thing for the domestic mobile phone market price “collapse” of the siege operations due to red rice Note and rapid deployment. China cool linked hand in hand almost at the same time released a new product for the red rice Note these phones to 4G, true eight-core, with 799 high-low hit, but delighted at the same time as consumers will inevitably have some concerns.

价格≠价值 联想S8继续现货营销模式

It can be said, xiaomi hunger marketing for their products is successful, but almost every product needs to make the needs of consumers buying gradually lost the confidence to buy, after all, every opportunity open house purchase have led xiaomi official website hang up, or just opening moments had been out of stock, though do not know xiaomi itself moving the hands and feet, but it was so fast other people incredible.

价格≠价值 联想S8继续现货营销模式

In thousand dollars below the price war in the early millet is not thriving, as the domestic mobile phone tycoon association held its latest Internet phone conference in Golden Gladiator S8 April 21 , before the Congress and Jingdong Lenovo also reached a strategic cooperation in 2014 relationships. Mr. Zhang Hui , general manager of Lenovo MGB , said fighters S8 will ensure that the spot gold sale simply do Internet brand and physical sales channels. I think that the Internet should not be one of the acts of marketing, but through this channel to understand what the consumer needs are, it does not do the millet , although their definition of fever , but the hardware is , consumers want millet What future products to , millet can not give .
So, millet chose hunger marketing mainly because after squeezing prices really cause some repercussions , the product also appeared in short supply, but millet production line itself is not comprehensive , so sudden orders allowed tired, so maybe futures phone Lei Jun, the best choice , in fact, on this issue in recent years, have no good way of millet , the other point is that almost all parts of millet phone is pieced together in collecting and assembling these parts as a whole and this speed can not have a healthy strong comparable Lenovo , which is the association of gold fighter S8 dare one spot marketing.


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