Lenovo S5? The Mysterious New Machine Appeared in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology


Chang Cheng, lenovo’s senior vice President, announced that the launch of lenovo mobile phones was coming soon on February 28. Although he did not disclose specific information and release time of the new machine, the ministry of industry and information provided the answer in advance. A new lenovo machine, K520, was granted access to the Internet on February 28th.

As shown in the pictures, the machine is with dual cameras on the back and the fingerprint identification in the center. The overall shape is very similar to K320t. Unfortunately, the ministry did not give details of the machine.

According to the weibo of Chang Cheng, the newly launched lenovo K520 is likely to be the upcoming lenovo S5.

In addition, from the official poster, lenovo S5’s main selling point is safety.


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