Lenovo S5 Pairs xiaomi Note5


Today, Lei Jun promoted the new version of Redmi Note 5 on weibo, saying that the Snapdragon 636+6GB Redmi Note 5 is the bucket machine in the thousand yuan machine. Unexpectedly, Chang Cheng forwarded the message and made a positive challenge.

From the information on weibo, xiaomi will release the Snapdragon 636+6GB Redmi Note 5 on March 16. Lenovo S5, which will be released on March 20. Chang Cheng implied that lenovo S5 is better than the Redmi Note 5. Chang Cheng has repeatedly indicated that the new lenovo S5 has extraordinary place in other aspects.

Chang Cheng also attached a real picture of lenovo S5. From the picture, lenovo S5 adopts all-metal body, rear fingerprint identification and dual camera. Its fiery red coloration is quite eye-catching, and it has to be said that lenovo S5 has a high level of appearance. In addition, the use of post-fingerprint identification also seems to prove that lenovo S5 is a full-screen design phone.

According to the previous message, lenovo S5 adopts FHD + 5.65 inch screen and screen ratio is 18:0. It is equipped with an eight-core processor with CPU power of 2.0ghz. Also, it has a maximum of 4GB+64GB storage combination, a 8MP front-facing camera, dual rear cameras and a 3000mAh battery, running Android 8.0 system.

On the whole, lenovo S5 is a smart phone with a high appearance and strong performance. As the first product of lenovo phone in 2018, it is very worthy of expectation.


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