Lenovo or stake in the Taiwan notebook manufacturer Compal won a 20 percent stake in

On the morning of December 8 , Taiwan media reported that Rumors said Lenovo to buy into Taiwanese notebook manufacturer Compal , acquired about 20 per cent stake , in the manner of subscription , a new relationship . Lenovo and Compal in 2011 at established foundries Compower Xuntong Electronic Notebook , Compal Group has 49 per cent , Lenovo holds the remaining 51 per cent stake .

Under the terms of the agreement , has sold an option for the 2017 as from 1 October to the highest 7 . 5 billion sale of its shares , as concerns about the equity sale in Electronics , Lenovo colleagues Po partnership relationship has hit a rocky patch , but General Manager Compal is denied .


Renbao Chen Cong , General Manager of the matter have previously said , the relationship with Lenovo not due punishment – po ‘ s been a change , from Lenovo and Compal orders will not be reduced . Interpretation of the industry , Chen Ruicong was deemed to have the cooperation of the parties is more closely , with a stake in Lenovo should be concerned , however , Compal spokesman Gary Lu said yesterday , ” not heard ” .

statistical reports , by 2017 , more than 60 percent by Lenovo laptops manufactured by four out of ten the following outsourcing , while Compal to win outsourcing orders in a proportion of about 60 %


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