Lenovo 4G terminal fatigue fear into the future development of the constraints


Market research firm IDC ‘s report shows that in the first quarter of this year, the global smart phone shipments rose 28.6% yoy to 281.5 million , Samsung, Apple’s two giants topped the table while the world ‘s top five smartphone brands , domestic mobile phone manufacturers to occupy two places , namely, Huawei and Lenovo .

From IDC released a report can be seen in the association is currently ranked fourth in shipments since 2011 Lenovo entered the mobile Internet industry since the association from the domestic market share accounted for less than 1% to 5% of the development of the international market , its rapid development momentum so many international manufacturers produce a strong sense of threat . With the accelerated pace of expansion , the overall focus of Lenovo mobile phone business in the overseas market has shifted from China to look to the future will be a breakthrough in Europe and other emerging markets Correctional mature markets, but 4G has arrived when the association moved to overseas markets to further expand the market share , the need to ” internal Security ” and ” stabbing outside ” Parallel , and will accelerate 4G terminal layout is very urgent.

Lenovo’s global market share of smart phones accounted for 4.6%

Fierce fighting global mobile device market , according to market research firm IDC report shows that in the first quarter of this year, the global smart phone shipments rose 28.6% yoy to 281.5 million , with 85 million confide Samsung first , the share was 30.2 % ; apples to 43.7 million , accounting for 15.5 % of the share living in the runner-up ; while domestic brands Huawei , Lenovo , respectively, to 13.7 million , a 4.9% share in the third and to 12.9 million , 4.6 % of the share living in the fourth . LG is still ranked fifth in the first quarter , its global smartphone shipments to 12.3 million , an increase of 19.4 % compared with 10.3 million last year , with a share of 4.4% , indicating that the company resisted from Cool competitive pressures millet and ZTE and other Chinese manufacturers . It is worth noting that, in the global top five smartphone brands , only two Chinese Huawei and Lenovo brand recorded a market share growth, and Lenovo Youyi 1 percentage point market share increase speed vision attracted people in the world the market share rose to 4.6 %.

2013 Lenovo has a 3.9% market share, beginning in 2014 , its market share will rise to 4.7%. Its sales of smartphones surged from 8.4 million to 13.3 million . Lenovo continued to achieve success in the Asia-Pacific market , and has a nominal share in other markets , but this will change rapidly after its acquisition of Motorola’s mobile transaction. Earlier this year, the price of Lenovo ‘s $ 2.91 billion to buy Motorola Mobility singers from Valley businesses for its access to the global mobile phone market, particularly in Europe and other mature markets cleared the biggest obstacle.

As can be seen from the data released by the first quarter of Huawei and Lenovo’s global smart phone shipments only a difference of less than 1 million , and the gap between Lenovo and LG as well. This means that the major smart phone manufacturers to compete for third place title and expanded far from over, even in the next year , the game between manufacturers will become more intense. However, as mentioned above, the early acquisition of Motorola’s mobile business association , and industry estimates , if nothing else, then , about three months later, Motorola Mobility will officially become a subsidiary of Lenovo , so in this fight , the association has the advantage .

4G terminals pace more ” retarded .”

While Lenovo’s share of the increase, but operators and handset manufacturers are hype 4G , when compared to the cool , ZTE, Huawei and other domestic mobile phone manufacturers , Lenovo reaction seemed a bit ” slow ” , currently only launched a A788t thousand Yuan 4G products , still no 4G killer product momentum , which either from February or March survey released by Chinese institutions 4G mobile phone market data in the report can be read out . And this is also an issue instructions naked , Lenovo force on the 4G still insufficient.

Currently in 4G terminals and equipment , Cool , Huawei and ZTE, Lenovo has been far behind . Shiner recently released in the first Chinese 4G mobile phone market data report shows that domestic brands are cool champion, to 9.4% of the market share position to seize the championship 4G handset domestic brands . From last December

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to start issuing licenses , Cool is the largest launch a 4G phone : the first thousand 4G, the first 4G thousand dual card , etc., regardless of the number of listed speed 4G products , or 4G products than Cool in the front ranks. Cool and currently has 80% of R & D personnel turning on 4G product development, 4G is expected to launch more than 30 products , comprehensive coverage of high, medium and low-end focus focus thousand Yuan 4G and 4G Dual cards thousand Yuan differentiated products , Thus Cool for 4G attention. Huawei “fine phone ” line in 2013 after successfully begun to taste the “boutique phone ” into a “4G Mobile Phone Products .” Huawei Terminal Leader Yu Chengdong that ” the industry is in a reshuffle , some companies will disappear .” Similarly, ZTE 4G era to gradually shrink product models, and reduce investment thousand machines less abandon ultra- low-end handsets into , by reducing the desire to maximize profit 4G phone models .

The arrival of 4G era , domestic brands is expected to usher in the ” passing lane ” Cool , Huawei and ZTE 4G development on the road though not the same , but in the 4G market, the industry’s rapid response is worth recognition . Compared with these vendors , Lenovo has shown slow pace 4G . Although the vice president of Lenovo Group , MBG business unit general manager of China Zhang Hui said that with the 4G network operators to improve the station layout , Lenovo will gradually increase research and development efforts 4G products , A Series , S Series products will gradually this year market. However, if you want to catch up on all of Lenovo ‘s footsteps, foot ship 4G probably still need to talk less .

Some need to go far greater pace

Lenovo is the current focus of the overall mobile phone business abroad steering , and on this node , accelerate 4G terminal layout is the key , ” Internal Security stabbing outside ” of .

In 2011 , Lenovo entered the mobile Internet industry , the association was in the domestic market share of less than 1% , after less than three years , the association will enhance the domestic market share to 13% , in second place. In the growth path of Lenovo , the Chinese market, Lenovo’s market share for the impact of doubt. Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing, Lenovo Group announced fiscal 2014 business objectives in a recent ” swearing in fiscal year 2014 ,” on which the entire fiscal year, smartphone sales To achieve 80 million units . But earlier , the Ministry data show that domestic smart phone shipments in the first quarter fell 25.5% , while the shipments to increase, while the market started to weaken , Lenovo alarming rate of expansion , while the 4G licenses issued , may become Lenovo’s new speed engines. Thus , the association needs to accelerate 4G terminal layout , on the one hand can be seen is a 4G market competition, on the other hand can be seen more on the domestic market to consolidate .

In addition, with the increasing scale of the emerging markets , China accounted for a large scale in the global market can not be sustained , intensified competition in the market , if only the local market , it will be difficult to really make money, so he moved to the overseas market has become the moment the general trend , in which were , 4G terminal extension of the city is also a weapon .

With 4G business gradually expanded , the advantage of domestic manufacturers in the 4G era will continue to be amplified , 4G terminals war is bound to change the pattern of China’s mobile phone market , will also affect the vendor ‘s position in the international market , so as the star of the domestic mobile phone Lenovo 4G terminals need to go far bigger pace .


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