Lei Jun , Xiaomi ‘ s dialogue : Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 of Xiaomi 7 will be released early next year

the just – concluded Internet Conference in Wuzhen of activities , the company chairman , Lei Jun , CEO of hurriedly flew to Hawaii to participate in the 2017 Qualcomm ‘ s Snapdragon summit . At the summit , pass the 3 – year research and development of next – generation flagship Snapdragon mobile platform 845 has been officially released .

Lei Jun Xiao Long who crossed the ocean in this summit , the meeting expressed their strong support of Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 .

Xiao Long 845 of millet were carried in the next year at the start of each of the 7

He said at the Summit of Heads of State and , currently , are mounted on a platform of Snapdragon mobile phones have been shipped up to 2.38 million units . ” Xiaomi is not profit , but rather from a hardware architecture of an Internet platform , so as to generate value , ” he revealed , the next generation of Xiaomi ‘ s flagship mobile phone runs on Qualcomm will publish the latest Snapdragon 845 , are already in development .

in addition to the ” next – generation flagship phone will use Snapdragon 845 , also integrated in the AI , and many achievements . ” Lei Jun at the meeting including Phoenix Technologies said in an interview with the media . Last year , China ‘ s market of Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 by Xiaomi 6 – episode mounted , according to the current exposure message , Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 is also expected to rise by Xiaomi 7 episode .

The Snapdragon 845 , still uses the Samsung – nm process , but the exact specifications and is not in today ‘ s meeting . Just mention the endurance , taking photos , VR / AR and artificial intelligence etc , all of the six aspect is greatly improved .

According to online , Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 of the CPU section includes four large core based on the improvement of the A75 , four small A53 core , upgrading the GPU is Adreno 630 , which integrate the X20 baseband , with the highest download speeds up to 1 Gbps , the performance increase by 25 % .

” Xiaomi will certainly 7 mounted Xiaolong 845 , the processor has very strong AI processing nodes , and Xiaomi and Qualcomm engineers developed . ” Lei Jun said . Xiaomi to invest in artificial intelligence for two years as of the time , we will develop the engineer currently more than 600 people . He further revealed Xiaomi 7 will be released early next year , Xiaomi ‘ s in a lot of the aspects of AI can release out .

smartphone towards artificial intelligence , engineering as well as in global handset sales of hardware products such as smart companies , Lei Jun has suggested that in terms of AI , protect the privacy of the millet is all of our services .

Qualcomm ‘ s focus on the need to represent a new generation of 5G network communication technology in 2019 commercial availability . Recently , Huawei , Vivo , Jin and other given all the – the first smartphone 5G of the timetable . in response , Lei Jun , and did not provide any time , but that Xiaomi will become the first to release the 5G mobile phone manufacturers .

Xiaomi in IPO activity next year ? ” There ‘ s nothing else to say . ”

Following last year ‘ s market share tumbled 36 percent after , Xiaomi is strong this year the rebound . In the year 9 months , 10 months , Xiaomi , for two consecutive months , monthly shipments exceeded 10 million . According to the latest data from IDC , a market – research firm , worldwide shipments of 2760 million , up from 13.6 million units , rose 102 . 6 % , their market share is also compared with a loss of 3 . 7 % to 7.4 % .

Moreover , this year , Xiaomi also speeds up the overseas market , which is now in 60 countries and regions to carry out sales , smartphone shipment rankings outside the top five countries that meet the 13 , this year ‘ s International market service grew by 100 percent . Following a few days ago and has already entered the market after Spain , including Lei Jun , Xiaomi mobile phone – based products , is considering entering the North American market , will select a suitable time .

It is understood that there are currently a part of the product such as Xiaomi Xiaomi Box sales in the US , Lei Jun says these are all in for the formal entry . He hoped that future handsets for international shipments account for as much as 45 % .

currently millet was already ahead of the start of the year of 70 million mobile phone shipments and 1000 billion revenue target , the target handset shipments next year and 150 million . For this objective , Lei Jun , on November 5 , the home of the flagship store of Xiaomi in the southern city of Shenzhen , said in a 99 % confidence can be completed .

The return to growth in recent times , the millet regarding the IPO will be the constant rumors . American digital media company , The Information reported recently that Xiaomi is considering an IPO in the second half of 2018 .

For this problem , in recent domestic media reports , Xiaomi has been denied . The Lei told Phoenix Technologies : ” There ‘ s nothing else to say . ” He said Xiaomi is a very important principle is that the enemy is made a little , into friends , much , much , adhere to opening – up and cooperation .


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