Lei Jun replied , Yu dinner , IPO rumours , Xiaomi and soon enter the North American market .

Original title : Lei Jun replied , Yu dinner , IPO rumours , Xiaomi and soon enter the North American market .

Wuzhen in the forefoot , a rearfoot Flying Hawaiian , Lei Jun , it was an absolute MWs .

As the second Snapdragon technology summit speakers , Lei Jun , Xiaomi ‘ s share in the site has included these achievements , the meeting also had to include 36 Kr , including media interviews .

” Qualcomm ‘ s Snapdragon 845 released a new mobile platform , Xiaomi 7 would try to use ” , Lei Jun says . Only last month Trump during his visit to China , Xiaomi with Qualcomm signed a multibillion – dollar chip purchase intent for 3 years .

So , Xiaomi 7 become Xiao Long 845 mobile platform starting line – up is by no means accidental .
On AI , chip layout

In the pressure volume and AI tended to become the standard of today , Xiaomi also unwilling to lag behind . Lei Jun , Xiaomi ‘ s 2 – year – old layout of AI , the AI team now has 600 engineers , Xiaomi issued in 7 millet , you ‘ ll see a lot of achievements in the field of artificial intelligence .

” We are going to love the small loudspeaker box function to the mobile phone ‘ s AI , Qualcomm and Xiaomi ‘ s team work together everyday for a long time , ” Lei Jun says .

Lei Jun , Xiaomi is already more than 60 countries , must fully respect users ‘ privacy , data is provided , which is the core of the AI .

Lei Jun , the site has numerous manifestations of friendly and cooperative relationship with Qualcomm , Xiaomi is also unique in being able to appear in the Xiao Long 845 mobile platform debut of handset vendors .

But Xiaomi with self – made chip , the fact is that even before the poached mediatek COO Shang Zhu Zu . Lei Jun says that all this , almost all mobile phone manufacturers are focusing on a core of very large investment of resources , including a chip , a battery , a camera , or the like . Xiaomi ‘ s purpose is to ensure further understanding of the core device , and the mobile phone , a jus with Qualcomm ‘ s cooperation doesn ‘ t offer direct .
Yu , chairman of dinner and to respond to the IPO , and internationalization

Interestingly , the Internet of Things Congress in Wuzhen , Lei Jun and Yu , have dinner and photographs of the screen , and when asked about the day , Yu spoke of what you did , said Lei Jun , Xiaomi ‘ s only willing to do a little bit of the enemy , becomes more of a friend , willing to see more cooperation between industries , between the two men talk has anything to say about it .

Lei Jun also admits that over the years , the internationalization of the very not easy , Xiaomi last year to pay a huge tuition fees . ” Success in China , wants to open a new market and well – – are not so simple , incremental approach to internationalization , anxious not . ”

Clearly , over the pit of Xiaomi after more confidence , but this year , the biggest of which is Xiaomi has re – entered the top five . According to market research firm IDC , Xiaomi phones in the third quarter global shipments of 2760 million , up from 13.6 million units , rose 102 . 6 % , their market share is also compared with a loss of 3 . 7 per cent to 7.4 per cent , comfortably the world ‘ s top five .

In the meantime , the current has been proposed earlier in the year ahead of target 70 million mobile phone shipments and billions of new revenue target .

Now Xiaomi is the internationalization of Southeast Asia and even Europe such as Spain and other countries , India has won the first place . Today , Lei Jun officially announced , Next Xiaomi phones are about to enter the most difficult fight of the North American market .

” Xiaomi ‘ s internationalization business growth this year of more than three hundred percent , I hope that next year ‘ s goal , which is at least 100 percent growth , ” Lei Jun says .

Xiaomi ” are back in the top five are listed on the mainland , early on that there was talk of Xiaomi has been seeking at least $ 50 billion of the company with a market capitalization of the offering , and plans to launch next year .

According to IPO rumours , Lei Jun replied : There ‘ s no way around this .

” Xiaomi is the home of the Internet company , over the next 10 years will concentrate on the real economy , seriously do a good job in the real economy , ” said Lei Jun , Chief


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