Lei Jun Cheng Xiaolong conference phone makers Xiaomi and Why the sole representative of the relationships that good ?

many android machine of Xiao Long – awaited 845 has finally been made , as the world ‘ s largest mobile phone manufacturer in the only representative of Lei Jun Xiao Long attended the summit . Xiaomi can also see , After years of development , finally gained a foothold . The 2017 can count himself lucky Lei Jun , Xiaomi experienced time of depression after rejuvenation , while the next – generation flagship will be the first Toyota in the domestic one of the flagship Snapdragon 845 .

雷军成骁龙发布会手机厂商唯一代表 为什么高通和小米关系这么好?

I might say so , with Qualcomm ‘ s Xiaomi between relations are very deep , which is from the first flagship Xiaomi started using Qualcomm ‘ s processors , and almost always can give people bring a Snapdragon processor , one of the top of the episode , the performance is absolutely the most as far as I can throw the domestic one street . In the US this year and hold dialogues on , Qualcomm and Lei Jun also signed chip purchase project , the memorandum of understanding is to drop the two tied in together . Reportedly , Xiaomi has been occupied by Qualcomm chips in China more than 60 percent of shipments , has already sold 2 . 38 million units , which are mounted on the Snapdragon processor of the mobile phone . It ‘ s , not Samsung , Qualcomm , please , please don ‘ t other handset makers , Xiaomi only . Please also explain the past .

雷军成骁龙发布会手机厂商唯一代表 为什么高通和小米关系这么好?

However , Xiaomi ‘ s own research and development of message processor also emerge in endlessly , Xiaomi and Huawei Kirin surging S2 processor 960 performs almost equally using TSMC 16 nm process , does not support the CDMA network . With speculation that a formal application processor after the millet , and Qualcomm ‘ s relationship also can like this ? Some people may say these fears are excessive , even if the processor is capable of really S2 was developed successfully , which will only supply millet . some models , most of the rest of the models will still use Qualcomm ‘ s treatment . After all of the high pass in the Empire with an emphasis on heat shrink series.Airic has been , in some processor models on than with a cost – effective .

雷军成骁龙发布会手机厂商唯一代表 为什么高通和小米关系这么好?

Are you optimistic about Xiaomi ‘ s own processor ? If the handset is mounted with the in – house processor you will buy it ?

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