Large coke 3 or use sapphire glass screen


Have cooperation relationship with Apple sapphire glass manufacturer GT Advanced Technologies, filed for bankruptcy protection is a hot news, finance, technology recently caused you again for the attention of the sapphire screen, large coke phone official executives for the event, and revealed the following new product sideLarge coke 3May use sapphire glass screen.

Large coke mobile CEO Ding Xiuhong think, is the company to give up the cooperation with GTAT because sapphire screen cost is higher, yield is also a big problem at the same time, then large coke phone another executives made clear that large coke phone has already begun to test the sapphire screen, and the experimental effect is good, this is clearly suggest that may be applied on large coke 3 sapphire screen.

With higher hardness, better and anti-scrape wear-resisting performance and noble birth, sapphire screen has been used by the domestic several manufacturers, applied to their high-end products, such as gioneeW808, huawei P7 collection edition, vivo X5L limited edition models, etc.These have pioneered in sapphire glass screen products have a common characteristic, that is not large listed products and the price is more expensive than normal, even pioneered sapphire screen gionee W808, and only in a handful of stores available, in the final analysis such as Ding Xiuhong, yield and cost is the core reason, so batch listed 3 large coke will adopt the sapphire glass screen is variable.

So far, large coke phone is clear said it intends to use MTK 64 – bit processors, one of the brand is likely to be at the meetingMTK6752Eight nuclear, highlight pictures, release time is before the end of the year.

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