Kivu for 4 g market the first 4 g product according to the exposure


Have a rotating camera KivuThe proud figure A7Has already been abandoned, Kivu next phones will conform to the trend in the domestic market focus with 4 G, a model for according to 4 G xinji has recently been exposure, this phone is G ` Five first LTE products.

Comes from, according to official channels of rendering Kivu according to have fashionable appearance, after the back shell is orange sun purpose, and dazzle beautiful orange also continue to the front, in the box and screen panel is black, the color of the two kinds of difference between together rich visual impact.Ends up and down according to the design and chic, processing into a circular arc surface, box part is more level off, the style with previous Kivu phone difference is bigger.

Kivu according to configuration information has not been released, should support the td-scdma LTE mobile 4 g networks, is likely to continue with MTK LTE solution to achieve the 4 g network support, the screen is said to be 5 inches, other specifications need to be further revealed.
This article from MTK phone
Domestic whole into the backdrop of the 4 g, Kivu mobile phone return to domestic market is inevitable, starting 4 g work according to what other surprises wait for a moment.

Kivu according to

Kivu according to

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