Kirin 960 + android 8.0 huawei MediaPad M5 exposure

Tablet computer in the past two years has maintained a steady downward trend, due to the impact of the large screen smartphones, more and more users use the frequency of the tablet is gradually reduced.Although the tablet market, but how many well-known brand has never give up, like apple, huawei, lenovo brand is still in the market cultivation, such as huawei new tablet now quietly.According to foreign media reported GSMArena,A called MediaPad M5 huawei tablet in the bluetooth certification documents, the model has a total of two: SHT W09 and SHT AL09.

The company released the MediaPad M3, it seems MediaPad M5 will be the next generation of huawei tablet.

Configuration, a new product that USES a 8.4 -inch, 2560 x 1600 display, carrying flagship chip kirin 960, pre-loaded with android 8.0 system, bluetooth 4.2 support.

From the point of specifications, huawei MediaPad positioning in the high-end, comprehensive strength.Unfortunately for the launch of the new product information is not clear yet, we will continue to focus on.


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