Kill more than nokia, Microsoft even to abandon WP brand!


115639jc4pc1pj2dofd4r2According to foreign media reports, latest leaked a Microsoft, internal documents show the company names for future products to make some adjustments.In the upcoming festival promotion activities, Microsoft will be abandoned “nokia” brand trademark name.At the same time, Microsoft plans to make”Windows Phone”Unified brand name changed to”Windows”And will 4Inches to 40Inches of equipment unified to”Windows”The brand.

As a new generation of the operating system release date approaches, the outside world for Microsoft will be how to adjust the naming speculation has a lot of all kinds of product line.Recently, more than Microsoft mobile product advertising is pointingWindowsBrand has unified signs and cooperation operator store even has been marked on the product promotion WindowsBrand trademark.Not only that, some regional right now Nokia.comWebsite has also started to guide to Microsoft’s web page, and the company also seldom mentioned in marketing terms “nokia”.Many signs that Microsoft is deprecated nokia brand step by step.

In particular, Microsoft in the mobile product line abandoned “nokia” trademark, will be at the same time Windows PhoneChange into WindowsBrand seems to predict the future, I will leave”Lumia”As a leading brand of mobile devices. Does this mean that the recent Lumia 830and Lumia 730Will be the last to nokia’s mobile phone brand name?

In addition, Microsoft to phase out Windows PhoneBrand name, unified WindowsMark, probably related to product updates in the future development.The recent rumours that Microsoft will be Windows ThresholdOn multiple platforms in the integration, may mean that there will be no future Windows Phone 9The operating system.Of course, these messages now remains to be the official formal response.

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