IPhone X blush gold version will be released and the rhythm of berserk

some people worry that their presence would affect the iPhone 8 series of sales . Such concerns were groundless , according to new data iPhone X Activation of the volumes to have the iPhone 8 , they do not know of Apple For good or bad . Order the iPhone 8 is compounded by the news that the company was working on the new iPhone color X prepared to welcome the Chinese New Year .

此前流传的iPhone X模型
rumors of iPhone model X

Recently , the Taiwan chains said that Apple is working on a sword A11 The processor orders , to the first quarter of next year , A11 chip shipments to less than 30 percent of the season . This means that the iPhone X amount of orders in the first quarter of next year will be down 30 % . Fittingly , understandably , iPhone X of demand has been stable , while the various Supply Chain system has been mature , and therefore the control quantity is the price of protection . You know , the iPhone now X in the websites of the price has risen to more than 500 yuan .

iPhone X腮红金渲染图
iPhone X blush gold rendering .

However , Apple appeared to fall back on , which for Chinese people ‘ s consumption habits are quite aware . According to industry sources , the Chinese Lunar New Year is the iPhone X increase in sales to come in , Apple will launch a long before rumours of a blush gold version , and has begun a concerted effort of production preparedness . The iPhone gold blush fastest X Edition launched in February , is perhaps the ‘ dying to get a rhythm . I don ‘ t know if you are interested in ?


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