IPhone SE 2 look like?Double-sided glass small and exquisite

Now a domestic mobile phone has become the mainstream, mobile phone before hand era is gone forever.But apple still contrarian launched a small screen iPhone SE phone, to love the little screen mobile phone users to keep a small hope.Time is about to enter in 2018, we are looking forward to the iPhone SE of the second generation product launch, recently, there are reports coming from the foreign people to expose the iPhone SE 2 rendering.

The iPhone SE 2

From the outside, the SE two positive and former generation almost no difference.Positive is not high proportion of screen, which is very familiar with.In today’s such a design under the tide of full screen don’t know is good or bad, but what is certain is that should attract a group of small screen nostalgic enthusiasts alike.

The iPhone SE 2

We take a look at on the back, the iPhone SE 2 back is similar to the iPhone 8 gold, glass should support wireless charging.In addition to the iPhone SE 2 in terms of appearance and the former generation is almost no difference.Don’t know the small screen lovers will not satisfied?


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