Information on the Fingerprint Version of Vivo X20 Plus

  1. This version is a mass production version. Currently, the official name is the fingerprint version of vivo X20 Plus, which will be released in China before theNew Year.
  2. The fingerprint identification area is fixed,not the whole screen.
  3. If the screen is to becoveredwith film, it needs to support the  fingerprint. Vivo is already in development.
  4. To unlock the screen, you need to light up the screen.Raise handor double click screen can make the screen bright.
  5. The official said that the unlock speed was 0.7s, but after the test, it was found that the transition animation was not added so it was slightly stiff so it was slightly stiff.Later authorities should optimize.
  6. The back fingerprint identification area has been canceled, and the other appearance is not inferior to the ordinary version.


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