Huawei phones carefully done , this is perhaps the most worthy of the all screen

Currently all screen should also be a prosperous period , consumers in the full screen as individual pieces of a larger space , not only in the last year price is as high as 3 kilo somewhere above . Of course , now a all screen a lot from the soil volume , different grades and between the strong contrast between prices at different degree . For example , in the ratio of the visible columns on reaching a consensus , but the appearance and configuration of the process and high – end flagship all screen surprise . Secondly , for the same price , so long as merchant avariation on that point , the performance price ratio .


Here to Huawei mobile phone as an example , for the glory of the ‘ nova series and Series , a price which are both very close , and the positioning of the population belong to the group of young people who , in a couple of days ago , Huawei released nova 2S , featuring full – screen , so that just the awn ‘ Huawei series , series nova glory and implement a comprehensive series of product is available . So the firm under a nova 2S , and the glory of the glory of the V10 issued a price it is in strong contrast , same 4GB / 64GB version selling for $ 2699 .


If you are , what would ? Comparing the two , the glory of V10 is more performance – oriented viewing experience , Kirin 970 is mounted , a preamplifier , a 13 megapixel rear 2000 * 1600 million pixel , 5 . a 4.99 – inch screen , battery capacity reaches 3750mAh . contrast , Huawei nova 2S , Kirin 960 , 2000 * 200 million pixels , the post – 2000 * 1600 million pixels , a 6 – inch screen , a battery capacity reaching 3340mAh , experience , pay more attention on the photograph .


but often this time , the glory of the V10 in strengthening core processor than on Huawei Nova 2S intensified camera should be more popular , because the glory of the V10 camera ‘ s field experience have shown that there is no relatively by the inferior contrast down , same as the full screen prices at $ 2,699 , glory V10 performance remains strong .


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