Huawei P7 and huawei Mate7 how to realize the double card double stay can insert SD card again

In the era of smartphones, in pursuit of more and more small size, more and more thin body, the inside of the smartphone space is increasing, the iPhone smartphone came out from the first generation, is to use the micro sim card is also based on this aspectConsideration, the era of iPhone launched a smaller nano sim card.Always does not support sd card slots.

But from the beginning of the P7 huawei, huawei innovative introduced the function of double card double stay, and two card slots can be one of the card slot, is Shared by a sim card and sd card.For the innovative point card slot praise at the same time, we still see theFor all users of the double card double stay cannot realize the function insert SD card.

This time at home with talent gives a solution: tear up the plastic parts of the SIM card, and then get a SIM card really works that part of the chip, the middle part is a little protruding, the middle part of the great cellophane tapeWater cut thin, so that you can realize double card double stay at the same time, you can insert SD card, of course, this is only limited to have power over the oil.

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