Huawei P20/P20 Plus Invitation Latter Confirms the Three Cameras


Huawei recently released an invitation to hold a press conference in Paris on March 27. From the top of the invitation letter, the possibility of using three cameras is very high, which is the first phone with three cameras in Huawei.

Actually, it hasn’t disclosed the model of the phone in the invitation letter, but we can still get something. The background Eiffel Tower is the landmark building of France, showing the conference will be held in Paris, France. Three translucent circles and SEE MOOORE WITH AI are in the middle of the entire invitation. MORE is intentionally added O to suggest that Huawei should launch a three-camera phone this time.

Media reports that Huawei will launch three mobile phones, P20/P20Plus/P20Lite. The P20Lite has been certified by the FCC and has 5.8-6 inches screen with a resolution of 2280 x 1080. The screen ratio is 19:9, with a longer screen size and more content. The three phones will be equipped with kirin 970 AI processor.


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