Huawei P20 Lite Real Machine is Exposed


The release time of huawei’s P20 series is getting closer, and more and more information about this series of phones has been exposed. According to the news, taking photos will be an important selling point of the phone.

Huawei P20 series will be released simultaneously with huawei P20, huawei P20 Pro and huawei P20 Lite. Among them, huawei P20 and huawei P20 Pro will be equipped with small bang full screen and front-facing fingerprint identification system, while huawei P20 Lite with rear fingerprint identification.

Not long ago, the picture of real huawei P20 Lite came to light. It can be seen from the exposure picture that huawei P20 Lite adopts the glass backboard design and rear vertical double shot. According to previous sources, the machine will be designed with 5.6 inches full screen, and the size of the bang is much smaller than the iPhone’s. It will also be equipped with kirin processor, a 4+64GB storage combination and 3520mAh battery


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