Huawei P11 is Confirmed again: Suitable Price and Positive Challenge MI 7


The flagship machine war in 2017 has already ended. And a big wave of new phones are on the way. One of the most popular phone among Internet users is MI 7.华为P11再次被确认:价格厚道,正面挑战小米7

The new MI phone will use AI technology in 2018, which is mainly used for taking photos. But there will be many other applications in the future.

MI phones’ camera always couldn’t satisfy user. Obviously, MI 7 wants to rewrite it this time. It equips with 19MP dual rear camera, supports 2 times optical zoom and 10 times digital zoom also 4 axis optical anti-shaking. With using the high-definition 13MP front-facing camera, the new phone can support the facial recognition.华为P11再次被确认:价格厚道,正面挑战小米7

In addition, the other configuration and performance of MI 7 should be wonderful, too.

华为P11再次被确认:价格厚道,正面挑战小米7Recently, a digital blogger shared the rendering of MI 7 which shows the phone adopts 6.01 inches and special-shaped OLED screen, but the left and right borders are extremely narrow. It reserves for the forehead and chin, and the screen is with rounded corners, so the screen ratio reaches up to 93%. The visual effect is very impressive.

In aspect of body material, the standard version of MI 7 is still the four-curved ceramic panel and aluminum alloy metal frame, while the premium version is ceramic material. At the same time, the radian of the 2.5D panel of the phone is more obvious than the previous generation, which is almost perfect for the back cover.华为P11再次被确认:价格厚道,正面挑战小米7

In terms of hardware configuration, MI 7 will be equipped with the latest Snapdragon 845 processor. The RAM of standard version is 6GB, while the premium version is 8GB. The battery capacity will rise to 3500 mAh and the battery supports wireless charging.

What’s more, the MI 7 will be MI’s first flagship phone that support the IP67 waterproof class.

MI 7 appears to be designed to narrow the gap between MI and Huawei. At the moment, Huawei is ahead of the artificial intelligence exploration road. As we all know, in addition to the full screen, the AI function is also a big selling point this year. Huawei Mate 10 and Honer V10 which equipped with AI chips can intelligently identify scene, including the scene on the simulation of life, and so on.

Huawei P11 will improve the camera a lot. It comes with 40MP rear camera and Lycra three perturbation setup, supports five times mixed zoom. While with 24MP Lycra front-facing camera and the new sensor, the photos can be also clear at night.华为P11再次被确认:价格厚道,正面挑战小米7

Meanwhile, Huawei P11 will also be matched with Kirin 970 AI processor, as well as the 4000mAh battery and 22.5W quick charge, of course EMUI 8.0 system!

At present, according to the latest news, Huawei P11 will also be matched with facial recognition, and the facial unlock will be scanned 300,000 points in 10 seconds. This is 10 times than that of iPhone X.

As Huawei P11 is greatly improved in configuration, there will be a small increase in price, but the 4GB+64GB version is only about 4000 yuan. If the news is true, the price of Huawei P11 is really good. Do you look forward it?


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