Huawei P11 again and it was confirmed that the cracking performance , Yan beat Samsung value S9

2017 flagships of the war has ended , a wave of new blockbuster also started up the road .

As foreign media reports , Samsung is reportedly plans next month to unveil its next – generation flagship smartphone .

According to sources , Samsung as early as next February , later it released the Galaxy Galaxy Plus S9 and S9 , and as early as March .

The source also said the planned launch of the Galaxy S and Galaxy Galaxy ninth S9 S9 Plus , will be similar to the current version of the Galaxy products , but the camera has been upgraded .

华为P 11再次确认:性能炸裂,颜值完胜三星S9

While Samsung has yet to give a message to this comment , but industry insiders think the upcoming products will be released in September that Samsung Note 8 since launching his first major mobile phone . In Samsung ‘ s plan for this new product to Samsung Electronics is a vital issue , may become the handset maker in the world continue to remain strong .

It is worth noting that , according to market research firm IDC ‘ s data showed the iPhone X , before being sold in the third quarter of this year , Samsung in the global smartphone market , dominated it for its shipments and a market share of 22 % . Apple ranked second , with a market share of 13 % . But according to several news reports , market research firm Strategy Analytics forecast , Samsung ‘ s market share in 2018 will drop to less than 20 % .

华为P 11再次确认:性能炸裂,颜值完胜三星S9

The fact that the new Samsung Galaxy S9 S9 and the Galaxy Plus , recently there has been a foreign revelations from the god , Samsung S9 of the appearance will not change substantially , the cancellation of the chin of the design because he failed to pass the drop test were canceled . from the current exposure and the design of the front panel , S9 and + S9 Samsung is likely to be the smallest change in Samsung flagship . forehead and chin that has almost no change , and the front looks almost identical to S8 .

At the same time , and before exposure of the primitive to be rendered , S9 and + S9 still maintained the rounded fuselage design , forehead and chin but there is no change . mobile phone rear employed is a row of double camera , fingerprint identification camera located below . Such design is mainly due to lower screen fingerprint technology is not mature .

华为P 11再次确认:性能炸裂,颜值完胜三星S9

So , next year ‘ s Samsung S9 are afraid to let down my men !

But Ed think small , you won ‘ t be a thing , no Apple Samsung , also the domestic one is not ?

Recently , a prominent contributor , website stationmaster Quandt Roland on Twitter messages is given , in the first quarter of next year , Huawei will put on exciting new products , the photographing focus and AI .

Roland analysis , from the time a node is inferred , Huawei is expected to next year ‘ s MWC issued P11 , P10 , and Huawei this year is also similar . Notably , the MWC 2018 routinely held in Barcelona , Spain , on 26 February .

Actually , Huawei P11 in the Internet is already abuzz . its conceptual also have leaked , Yan Seriously Good value , beat Samsung S9 ( conceptual view seen from the show ) .

configuration performance burst . It is said that the Huawei Kirin P11 would be taken by the processor 970 , transport them to a standard 6 GB , 8 GB maximum mounted + 128GB storage combined operation based on the Android 8 . 0 , a tailored EMUI8 . 0 system . photographing aspects , naturally still adopts the sale , are mounted on a Leica lenses , photographing is expected with Mate 10 .

In addition , the machine is also expected to wireless charging , and the facial recognition function , the artificial intelligence is also big .

华为P 11再次确认:性能炸裂,颜值完胜三星S9

circulating online of Huawei P11 conceptual

Overall , about Huawei P11 is still very mysterious , only in rumours . But not taking action is NO , that is , in the first quarter of next year that Huawei will have a blockbuster product . It would also , of course , Samsung ‘ s products caused the most direct competition .


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