HUAWEI MediaPad M5 flat exposure: Kirin 960

With the popularity of big screen smartphones, sales of tablet computers have been declining in the last two years, and users using tablet computers are gradually decreasing. But even though tablet sales are not as good as before, many brands haven’t given up yet. They are still insisting that a new tablet of HUAWEI tablet has been exposed.

华为MediaPad M5平板曝光:采用麒麟960

According to GSMArena reported by foreign media, recently a product named MediaPad M5 appeared in a Bluetooth certification document. There are two models of its products: SHT-W09 and SHT-AL09. Before HUAWEI released MediaPad M3, the MediaPad M5 was likely to be the next tablet of HUAWEI.

华为MediaPad M5平板曝光:采用麒麟960

For configuration, MediaPad M5 uses a 8.4 inch display with a resolution of 2560 x 1600, equipped with kylin 960 processor, pre installed Android 8 operation system, and supports Bluetooth 4.2. At present, HUAWEI MediaPad is positioned as a high-end product, and it is not clear when the machine is released.


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