Huawei MateBook X Pro only Takes 7.8 Seconds to Start up and Realize Touch and Unlock Instantly


On the first day of the MWC 2018, Huawei released a surprisingly powerful flagship laptop, the MateBook X Pro. MateBook X Pro is not only stylish and portable, but it takes 7.8 seconds to start up.

Huawei MateBook X Pro is aimed at high-end business people with a sophisticated pursuit of quality of life. They basically have a higher request on the degree of data security, portable laptop, range, and product appearance. Start-up time is also an extremely important aspect of business presentations. MateBook X Pro takes full account of the needs of business people in this regard, and realizes the speed of startup.

MateBook X Pro uses power/fingerprint unlock the two-in-one key that huawei pioneered on Windows. Not only the safety performance is guaranteed, but also the startup and unlock efficiency is extremely high. When the power button is pressed, the fingerprint information is cached and identified in the user authentication link. Whether the computer is switched on or unlocked, it is not necessary to wait for the login screen to enter the password or scan the fingerprint to enter the work interface directly. It is truly to realize touch and unlock instantly. It not only ensures the data security, but also saves time and effort.

MateBook X Pro carries the eighth generation of Intel ® core ™ i7 8550 u/i5 8550 processor. Compared with the previous generation processor, it has not only increased its performance by 40%, its core number and number of processes have doubled, and the power consumption design is more reasonable. Also it is with nvidia GeForce MX 150 full blood graphics card, 2GB GDDR5 independent memory. Data loading and screen rendering speed are guaranteed. The speed of hard disk reading and writing has a very important influence on the performance of the computer. MateBook X Pro has a built-in PCIe high-speed solid-state hard disk, which can be both light and thin and can guarantee the speed of reading and writing.

Except for the best performance hardware, Huawei also optimized the BIOS of MateBook X Pro to further improve the startup and wake speed. From hardware and software aspects, Huawei MateBook X Pro only takes about 7.8 seconds from pressing power key to enter the desktop, and  only 6.6 seconds from the standby screen to login interface. The whole process of unlocking is very convenient and quick.

Of course, MateBook X Pro has a good appearance. It uses a metal minimalist fuselage, which is an integral whole. In addition, the 14.6mm body thickness and 1.33Kg weight provide the user with the ultimate portable experience.

The screen also has a lot of amazing points. It is equipped with a 13.9 -inch HD touch screen, 3K resolution up to 3000 * 2000 pixels, 260 PPI. With the largest 450 nits brightness, sRGB color range is up to 100% and the contrast ratio is 1500:1. The 91% screen ratio first defines the concept of full screen laptop.

In terms of sound effects, MateBook X Pro uses the dolby panoramic sound system and distributed four-channel sound system. High bass frequency output brings shock sound effects. Besides, four microphones pick up the sound, which is more accurate and wider.

MateBook X Pro also gives us an innovative intellectual experience.It has many gestures large touchpad, clever design at a keyboard press type hidden cameras and MateBook housekeeper with features of a hot key, a key sharing, intelligent photo album. It supports 802.11 ac 2 x2 MIMO and double-frequency wi-fi, too. By using 65W adapter, 57.4Wh capacity pool (typical capacity), MateBook X Pro has excellent charging and endurance ability.

With high configuration, high appearance level and the smooth experience brought by the speed unlocking, MateBook X Pro is excellent in all aspects. If you have requirements on appearance, quality and experience for laptops, and at the same time hope that it is light, portable, high efficiency, boot and unlock instantly, then Huawei MateBook X Pro may be your best choice.


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