Huawei mate10 record again, do you think the pro and ordinary version which is better?

Domestic, as you know, huawei mate10 or pro version all are one is hard to find the status of the increased price are quite a few people to experience to the new, and in overseas markets, can say as iphoneX in the heat of the domestic.And according to foreign media reports, huawei mate10pro but also broke the record of Western Europe over the mobile phone purchase in advance.Actually I also is huawei mate10 iron powder.

Given huawei mate10pro once issued will make enough everyone’s attention, so don’t know you think huawei mate10 and pro version which is better?Under the condition of synthesis which one would you buy?

Mate10 this year in addition to some changes in the gross appearance, details is also carried out major reforms, such as the fluctuation of texture, mate10 one feels stronger, glass feels more comfortable.And screen ratio is greatly increased.But the price is 3899, and as a full screen pro version price is high, reached 4899.

Both fully sent $1000.And for what type of upgrade?First of all, is the most intuitive home button position, furthermore mate10 is biased towards the founder, the pro belong to vertical long, and they prefer to modelling vogue.But some mate10 border more narrow.If the corner of the pro version adopts circular cutting, the fashionable avant-courier and hand grasp aspects will have a qualitative leap.

On the appearance design, huawei or have their own insist, P series, after all, is the main fashion appearance, so mate series or partial business van.But just released 970 kylin is indeed have made a lot of improvement for processing power consumption, up to 4000 ma of battery in the mobile world is rare, and kirin province performance of 970 you’ll know.In this in addition to the performance of ultra fast, AI neural network processing in the image and processing is really tough.

Only pro version has waterproof and dustproof, compared with the conventional waterproof splash mate10.In addition the author thinks that mate10 more practical some, after all, the price is relatively low, and there are full screen visual, pro version will be the future some, of course, advance the design of the appearance is worth 1000 more fast.

I don’t know in your heart which is more worth buying?Next, the author introduced by following a few good, tie-in huawei mate10 be pleasantly surprised

As long as enough pure raw materials, natural can guarantee a perfect machine performance, the special TPU high quality in the fall at the same time frame to prevent slippery, still keep clear with bayer TPU used for a long time, is a very suitable for huawei mate10 following

Overall style of luxury and generous are more attractive.Hidden in the design of stents can also car magnet, experience anytime and anywhere need not say more.Another shell body slants thin delicate feeling experience, the most important material in thin shell body characteristic of the fiber drop is a special skill.

This one is for mate10 tailored, after reduction of true color glass body, with thin shell body to heat, soft and hard combined with thin transparent is clever defuse the risk of falling behind.Four corners in keeping the normal thickness of ultra-thin has five times the elastic drop.Can be said to be a very following from inside and outside and repair.

Frosted texture on sensual touch and visual experience with the best experience.Soft shell won’t harm the fuselage, ultra-thin thickness easier to grip.Camera part above the plane don’t need to worry about scratching.As a whole is very delicate and beautiful.

Following of the cool metal texture, border by ultrathin metal design, special acrylic aurora back panel, a combination of both fall prevention and tactility visual experience is very good, do not affect beautiful, is the most important among them is specially designed to protect mobile phone will not be knock against.

Comparable ultra-thin turnkey following from design, in the small body contains the surging power, does not need to be wireless, at ordinary times is the following, cell phone battery is a key when charging, not only safeguard, travel is the most convenient choice.

3 d toughened film, full coverage, more than the bare screen clear visual experience, better protection mate10, huawei and ultrathin completely don’t have to worry about influence of grip, anti fingerprints of also is very good, keep the lasting clean every day


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