Tencent digital dispatch (mind) Android Central web site reported, huawei Mate 10 two high-end models, standard and Pro version, which is slightly lower than the standard version configuration Pro version, Android Central this evaluation is Pro.

Although the narrow frame design, configuration aspect ratio for 6 inch screen Mate and 10 Pro, hold it in hand or give a person the sense of “mobile phone”, but better than the Mate.Pro weight with a Mate 10 5.Although software still has some problems, but in terms of battery life and take photos, Mate 10 Pro ranked the best mobile phone.


Mate 10 series mobile phone use glass material.Mate 10 Pro is the most beautiful phone, huawei back cover is a curved glass, in the box for aluminum alloy material.

Mate 10 Pro compared with 9 Pro Mate of a big change is that the display of graphic design.A layer of oil coating on the back cover, which means that it is not like other glass cell phone is “fingerprints collector”.

The back of the fuselage and the fingerprint sensor.Fingerprint sensors use convenient, fast.

The front, although the resolution is slightly lower than other flagship model, 6 inch screen is quite eye-catching.Screen resolution to Full HD +, which is produced by samsung AMOLED display.It is important that the test of a few weeks, Mate 10 Pro screen burn screen phenomenon does not appear.Recently, Google Pixel and apple iPhone 2 X revealed the burn-in question.

Mate 10 Pro configuration USES 10 nanometers kirin 970 – the first integration chip with huawei hardware chip artificial intelligence.

In addition, the configuration of Mate 10 Pro also includes 6 gb memory and 128 gb of memory, fuselage support dual SIM card.Provide power Mate 10 Pro is a piece of battery capacity is 4000 mah, Mate a feature of the series of mobile phone, basically is the biggest in the high-end phones.

Mate 10 Pro have IP67 level of waterproof and dustproof function, therefore, the user can safely use it in the rain.Waterproof and dustproof now has become a standard of high-end phones.Mate, however, in addition to the 10 Pro 3.5 mm headphone jack, to use traditional headphones users to a certain degree of inconvenience.More and more high-end phones are no longer contains a 3.5 mm headphone jack.


For a long time, the software has been huawei mobile soft rib.Over the past few years, huawei EMUI skin begin to have great progress, EMUI 5.1 not only improved appearance, let a person feel hate compatibility problem is less.

Although the underlying software is Android 8.0 Oreo, EMUI 8 appearance similar to the previous version is very – using the same design language.EMUI 8 is quite simple, although EMUI design language in terms of consistency compared with samsung, Google is still a gap.

EMUI 8 does have some practical features.Users can quickly and easily activate one hand model, convenient to use shortcuts to hide the navigation bar.If the user is watching the full screen video, after receiving the information system will be provided to the user using a split screen mode options.Double card version Mate 10 series mobile phone, support the user on the two CARDS at the same time use the WiFi calls and (function.

Due to running Oreo, configuration of advanced chip and 6 gb memory, Mate 10 Pro can smoothly run Google app store any apps and games of Google Play.

For Mate 10 Pro software, we may have some “fault”, but we are so that there is a reason.Mate 10 Pro is a high-end mobile phones, software design is an important aspect of it than most of its rivals.

Android Central said that artificial intelligence is Mate 10 series mobile phone one of the main selling point, but at present, in addition to the two preinstalled – Microsoft Translator and camera application, the advantage of the artificial intelligence hardware has not fully displayed.

Mate 10 Pro software is not bad, at least not so bad.Although not as good as many other flagship phone, Mate 10 Pro software or you can use.

The camera

Since the 18 months ago since the cooperation agreement with the leica, huawei has been its dual camera system.P10 and Mate 9 camera system is regular, but not outstanding.

Mate 10 Pro rear camera reached the first-class level, comparable to the Galaxy Note 8 and Google Pixel 2 competitors, etc.For 699 pounds (about 6103 yuan) for mobile phones, this level of ability is very important.

Dual camera two camera aperture to f / 1.6-12 million – pixel color cameras have optical image stabilization function, the other a 20000000 megapixel camera shooting black and white photos.

Upgrade optical technology and post-processing technology progress, push the Mate 10 cameras photographed ability to new heights, in the aspect of dynamic range performance with previous models of huawei mobile phone camera, can provide more details, imaging quality are improved under low light environment.Huawei, the camera’s manual mode to use is very interesting, even without a tripod, the user can also take pictures out clear and vivid color.

Mate 10 captured on camera system to use artificial intelligence to detect scene, automatically adjust the camera parameters, improve the quality of imaging.

Mate 10 cameras are not perfect.Android Central, found that 10 front camera image quality is inferior to Mate Note 8 and 2 Pixel.Its image quality is not bad, just didn’t do your best, even close skin care mode, take pictures out there are “artificial” trace.In terms of video, most of the time can Mate 10 perfect 4 k video, but in terms of stability performance than Note 8 and 2 Pixel.Mate 10 overall video cameras not reached the level of other mobile phone with price, Google Pixel, or the current generation of samsung and LG flagship model, performance is better in terms of shooting video.

Battery life

Mate 10 Pro adopted a capacity of 4000 mah battery, we’re not concerned about it how long the battery life, as long as there are no more questions, Mate 10 Pro battery life is certainly quite a long time.We are concerned about, the user can use the power to do.

Mate 10 Pro battery is enough to make the user normal use of mobile phones in the day time, such as calls, surf the Internet, access to the Twitter service, shot and sharing photos on the Internet, listening to music, the rest of the evening electricity still enough users to take pictures at night.

According to the Android Central executive editor ALEX dobby (ALEX DOBIE) experience, in the case of severe use WiFi and LTE, Mate 10 Pro use time can reach 7 hours.For most users, a charge Mate 10 Pro can be used for two days.

SuperCharge fast charging technology make up the deficiency of the Mate 10 Pro does not support wireless charging.SuperCharge charging voltage of 4.5 v, current is 5.Technically, SuperCharge and a Dash of Charge are very similar, but through the TUV safety certification.

Since 9 Mate, Super Charge without any change.But it’s interesting that the Mate 10 Pro display power reserves to a decimal places, but whether accurate.

Huawei Mate 10 Pro worth buying?worth

Huawei in the marketing material about artificial intelligence and artificial intelligence for smart phones experience improvement.

Android Central, according to the artificial intelligence is really good.Now make the Mate 10 Pro is worth buying, its outstanding performance in core smartphone experience, for example, no matter what task on cell phones, a charge can be used all day long;Even at night, users can also shoot the photos of the high quality.

Although it sounds nothing is more exciting and artificial intelligence is the future that fit but these 10 Pro user experience for most Mate more meaningful.Therefore, if you want to buy a long life, high image quality good appearance level of mobile phones, and can tolerate the occasional software problem, Mate 10 Pro is your food.


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