Huawei Free 7S evaluation


Upgrade to full screen, Huawei free 7S gets a 5.65 inches screen (2160 x 1080 pixels, PPI 428) with size of 18:9 and rear fingerprint recognizer. The body will not look too long but support single hand control.华为畅享7S评测:刚刚好的新千元精品

Huawei free 7S continues to be made of metal, with four clear round corners and a 3.5mm headphone hole at the bottom. The machine thickness is only 7.45mm and the weight is controlled at 143g. The current optional colors include gold, black and blue, in which the gold front is white while black and blue are black. According to Huawei official information, the company will also have a pink version in 2018.

For the first time, Huawei free 7S carries on dual rear camera. 13 MP and 2 MP rear double lens combination provides popular portrait photography, allowing the user to adjust the 16-stage aperture, which can simulate the effect of 0.95 super max aperture. It also supports focusing and aperture adjustment in post editing.

In addition, Huawei free 7S has a built-in camera with dynamic photos, professional models, HDR, light shutter, gastronomic mode, intelligent objects and other filming functions. 8 MP front-facing camera is not great, but the point is to offer portrait mode. With the help of deep learning and algorithm, it has new functions of intellectual beauty, intelligent identification.

From the imaging effect, Huawei free 7S has good image quality during the day and bright light environment, while the image quality during night needs improve. After pressing the shutter, users have to maintain holding gesture for a moment to avoid shaking.

Huawei EMUI 8.0 is the first third party ROM based on Android 8.0 development. As a new model, Huawei free 7S can enjoy the new system supported by many features. For a one thousand yuan phone it is a big competition. For example, the intelligent screen function can intelligently decompose the text, so that the content can be extracted freely. The drawing function is more compatible with the full screen.

Huawei free 7S adopts Kirin 659 eight-core CPU with the highest frequency of 2.36 GHz, built-in battery with 3000 mAh. It has two versions of 3 GB + 32 GB (RMB 1,499)and 4 GB+ 64 GB(RMB 1,699). The maximum extension can be up to 256 GB. Because of the introduction of the latest F2FS 2.0 intelligent file management system, it can automatically clean up the system fragments and the smart scheduling of mobile phone resources is more efficient.华为畅享7S评测:刚刚好的新千元精品

Huawei free 7S comprehensive supports three carriers of 4 G / 3 G / 2 G network. For the sake of non built-in NFC and not support WiFi 5G band, rear fingerprint can realize quick pay, fast taking pictures, check the notification, shut the alarm clock, etc.

As a new product of 1500 yuan level, Huawei free 7S has been able to integrate into the popular full-screen and dual-photography elements, ensuring the competitiveness of the same class products. The phone is worth to buy.


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