HUAWEI enjoy a formal release of 7S, 1499 yuan, pollen: HUAWEI conscience, worth buying!

This afternoon, HUAWEI’s 7S was officially released in Xi’an. This is HUAWEI’s first thousand yuan comprehensive screen new machine. HUAWEI is pushing the price, and it also shows its determination to popularize the full screen.

Take a look at HUAWEI enjoy 7S, the machine uses 5.65 inches 18:9 full screen resolution is 2160×1080, the fuselage to highlight the high proportion of the screen features, HUAWEI enjoy 7S screen is very big, but its body size is 4.7 inches and iPhone8 is similar to the feeling in his hand is very good.




The specific configuration, HUAWEI 7S enjoy using kylin 659 processor, 3GB/4GB running memory, 32GB/64GB storage fuselage, equipped with 8 million pixel front camera, rear 13 million pixel camera, the battery is 3000mAh, the system is the latest EMUI 8, supports dual Bluetooth devices connected, in addition to the post of fingerprint recognition.

Price, HUAWEI enjoy two versions of 7S, respectively 3+32 and 4+64 two versions, the price is 1499 yuan and 1699 yuan respectively.

The pollen saw HUAWEI enjoy the price and configuration of the 7S, said the aircraft’s performance is very awesome, HUAWEI’s conscience, prepare yourself to buy a HUAWEI enjoy 7S.


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