Huawei and Xiaomi are rushing to push , AI phones is true innovation is just a gimmick ?

Undoubtedly , the artificial intelligence ( AI ) is the mobile industry ‘ s popular noun . If the full screen of the mobile phone is a lifting effect . At the same time , the AI is much more about strengthening its connotation . At present , the trend of increasing . It ‘ s that AI will make it possible to radically alter the future of the smartphone experience . Well , I ‘ m just not sure AI of smartphone innovation is an epoch – making , or merely trying to make a marketing stunt ?

former assistant from the AI to the AI now mobile phone

Although not a new AI noun , but the smartphone industry is still very new and niche . In 2011 , the phone begins to occur in the more obvious elements of AI , to Apple ‘ s Siri voice assistant is represented . Subsequently in 2014 , Microsoft is introducing its own AI assistant Cortana .


Siri and Cortana should just be a phone on the original concept of AI . Many people simply making a voice – assistant and AI as a synonym of the embodied form because when we got it narrowed down to one . And , according to the ” AI ” also not that good with . Thus people and not their AI assistant , was simply referred to as a ” personal assistant ” .

2016 , Google launched its Google AI assistant assistant , and built its flagship Pixel and Pixel XL . this year Samsung is also the flagship S8 , Note8 are pre – assembled in the AI assistant , currently version also has online . This concept of AI assistant is drawn back into people ‘ s eyes , but of course it is no longer just an area has to offer .

Now the AI assistant experience very strong , the Chinese version of the Samsung as examples , it will not only help you read a weather , a joke , but also to control system and application , to greatly simplify the steps , get rid of the hands . only one mouth , and it can help you shutdown and screen lock , a red envelope of WeChat , Sina Weibo and the translation sentence , searching a song or video .


But this is not the AI in your smartphone ‘ s Ultimate Form . one ‘ s different this year , Huawei , Apple , Qualcomm chips have been triggered by the AI . Kirin 970 is the first for AI , In the Cambrian developed NPU . Apple also A11 which integrate the AI is the chip . Qualcomm recently released its Snapdragon 845 , also gave a special mention to AI . AI from the previous single – pathway of cloud computing power is transferred to the actual hardware experience , i.e . the so – called end side AI .

AI for smartphones on an actual usage scenario

AI for smartphones on an actual application , mainly from experience and testing use .

1 , experience

AI for smartphones mainly on the actual application scenario , in addition to the voice assistant , There are the following :

Firstly , the photographed scene recognition . Huawei Mate10 , V10 glory when taking a photograph of a selling point , is the AI scene recognition . The function of meaning , of making it possible to identify the object to be photographed by the photographing of the scene , so that the AI chip calculates the optimal parameters , such as white balance , ISO , etc .


Secondly , the facial recognition . It is with the AI with the revival of traditional function , also is widely considered one of the biological fingerprint recognition technology instead . iPhone X – Face ID based on neuro – AI engine , capable of performing three – dimensional human face identification , the unlock screen may also be applied to mobile payment , etc of the scene .


Thirdly , AI Meiyan . in ord to better see and Paipai , AI beauty became a camera and of the manufacturer for their most valuable selling point . MEITU M8 , Xiaomi Note 3 , OPPO R11s are facial feature set to AI , the AI as compared to traditional beautifying facial , its greatest feature is the ability to ” adaptive Beauty ” , the result is more natural , because as a result of avoiding the excessive glorification ” snake face ” .


2 . The test

You know , there ‘ s a lot of people know there is a CPU , a GPU , a sub – test run , but were instead ” NPU ” ran as separate . domestic run – off mechanism of Wannian dick master Lu Ann preemptively for Rabbit Rabbit launched AI test function , is at the centre of this DSP chip in the wafer test of the AI , use the neural network are three Inception V3 , ResNet34 , VGG16 algorithm .

In his performance rankings published by AI , the Huawei Mate10 , Mate10 Pro and iPhone X due to hardware reasons .


But having said that , although particular NPU may be quantized into the run , but whether it can e . g . , CPU , GPU and as actual experience , such as fluency ? The country also looks now very hard .

AI is innovative phones are still a gimmick ?

So anyway , the phones are AI is Innovation is a stunt ?

First is the need of , and encouraged , AI is now the smartphone provides enhanced functionality , such as the above – mentioned face recognition , scene recognition , AI , AI assistant etc all make the user experience so as to have a significant lift . the user may more easily opens a menu , or take pictures of a famous picture .

Nonetheless , the AI in current mobile phone is not yet mature , presence , or is very low . The user – experience of lifting is still inferior to that of the traditional CPU , GPU , and then let the user intuitively feels it .

to photograph a scene as an example , perhaps with others when it has been automatically adjusted parameters , but the user when in use , the eyes may simply display one icon . Samsung , for example , although the user has been able to help solve actual problems , the steps are simplified , but still influenced by their surroundings , speech intelligibility of the restrictions , the dictation text when there is omission , and punctuation will still be wrong .


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