HTC X2 release support Android 8.0 system of intermediate products

 HTC has just released the high-end mobile phone U11 Plus, but for the HTC brand, high-end mobile phone market in the past is not so good, they had caught the intelligent mobile phones to replace traditional function of the time, but have failed to keep up with the situation in recent years.Industry do not look good in them, but HTC still stubborn persistence, in the field of mobile phone and constant innovation.


According to the news of HTC, they and Japan’s softbank jointly launched a called X2 to HTC smartphone, this kind of mobile phone for intermediate users, friends familiar with their products should be on the phone is not very strange, actually is just released soon U11 Life, made a lot of adjustments for the Japanese market, however, it is interesting to note the phone using the latest system underlying the Android version 8.0.

HTC models for X2 X2 – HT, has two options, blue and white in detail than U11 Life changed, but the overall change is not too big.Hardware, using 1080 p 5.2 inch screen, built-in 4 gb of RAM and 64 gb ROM storage, the rear camera to 16 million pixels, a front-facing camera to 16 million pixels, positive fingerprint recognition, support and without use of the popular and proportion of the screen, but given the Japanese consumers use habits, joined the IP67 waterproof and dustproof.

The price of the phone did not announce, but according to the HTC’s consistent style, there should be no price is too low.Actually HTC in recent years the performance of the general in the market, not only related to product development and design, price is relatively high, let consumer lost interest.


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