How to evaluate OPPO R15, asus Zenfone 5 aliens full screen?


Full screen has become the important elements of the design of smart phones, it is clear this is the present and the trend of the future for a period of time, not now and screen almost ashamed to open conference.But since the birth of the iPhone, the iPhone is an indicator of the smartphone industry, so the special-shaped screen has become a hot topic, this time from these authors discuss model also can be seen that the mainstream and non-mainstream manufacturers with the special-shaped screen as the design trends in 2018.

So what is driving the special-shaped screen pop?

From the sense that the iPhone seems to be can be set up, after all, apple is still the smartphone industry leader, apple has a strong ability of software and hardware integration, has a strong research and development and design capabilities, walked with apple, at least, not the fundamental mistake, more not partial way.

But at a deeper level of the supply chain, apple iPhone X opens the special-shaped screen design, the current supplier of special-shaped screen screen technology has been very mature, is not only the OLED screen, LCD screen can also make abnormity, thought to the future with more low price of the mobile phone can use such a screen.Mature associated with decreased risk of supply chain and reduced the cost, it also have more choice for manufacturers, in the process of mobile phone r&d can go less detours.

And with apple at the forefront of the user on the screen design has a higher recognition, although the iPhone X listed also encountered some difficulties, at the beginning of the production capacity is on the one hand, users also spent a long time to get used to it, but eventually the iPhone X or recognised by the market.For latecomers, apple has paved the way for them, after apple’s marketing, special-shaped screen of users of other brands are more acceptable.


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