HMD Applied for the Nokia 8 Sirocco Logo or Release on MWC


It has been reported that HMD has registered trademark for the next new machine, with the name “nokia 8 Sirocco”. Seeing the name, the  fans will be recalled the nokia 8800 Sirocco that nokia launched one of the high-end models. It is one of the most expensive model in age of functional machine. It uses a sapphire glass and is equipped with a carrying case. Will the upcoming nokia 8 Sirocco go the same route?

Compared to common version of the nokia 8, the biggest change of nokia Sirocco 8 is that it uses the OLED display screen and dual front cameras. But there is no difference on Snapdragon 835 mobile platforms, storage, specifications and battery capacity . Nokia 8 Sirocco is expected to be released on MWC at the end of the month.


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