Haier Asu: A Smartwatch that Allows Dancers to Dance on the back of Hands


The advantage of smartwatches, according to heVerge, is that they can put information on the wrist, then users can easily see some information. Haier Asu is a smartwatch with a built-in projector, so its size is not small. The wearer’s back is like a second screen.

Haier intends to use the projector to provide additional information in some usage scenarios. When you are running, for example, the projector is uses to project fitness data such as distance, time and progress on the back of hand. while the watch screen is responsible for controlling the pause and end of user’s exercise. In fact, the projector in the watch will support gesture manipulation. Double-clicking on the hand to change the content displayed on the screen. But it doesn’t seem to be working very well now, and Haier says the entire watch is still in development.

Disappointingly, though, the watch doesn’t actually make much of a projection, and most of the reason for its existence is to serve fitness apps. It is expected to be sold in the Chinese market next quarter.

In addition, there are two other use of Asu’s projector: a drawing application and a man and a octopus tentacles. The man is been made some simple dance and he can be projected on the back of use’s hand after a few seconds


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