Google Pixel 2 / XL again out of the question: can’t use 3.5 mm interface headphones

The second generation of Pixel 2 / XL phone before there are a variety of problems, such as burn-in, slow, random restart the response of the fingerprint identification, this may be a Google released so far most bugs generation machine, prince 2 mobile phone users in the official BBS has a number of Pixel, said they can’t use 3.5 mm headset, reason is that the USB – C converter does not work.

No 3.5 mm headphone jack on the new generation of Pixel, so want to use the traditional interface headset need converter, user said, because the converter failure, even if the insert it into the Type of mobile phone speakers have been broadcast voice – C interface.

Tested, some users after restart the phone the problem was solved, Google think that this is due to the interference caused by a third party application, suggest problems mobile phone screen start in safe mode, safe mode not loaded third-party startup, but security mode to the concert to let the user use is very inconvenient.

Google is now attention to this problem, but did not give a perfect solution.


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