Glory chang play four configuration completely exposed


Huawei honor today (22) and will issue a new phone, in order toGlory chang play 4Is the name of the machine in network department, the glory is the first product support 4 g telecommunications systems, further enrich the new members of the telecommunication product line and glory.

Although online release has yet to start, the phone information has already been “teammate” open, ahead of the latest news, according to glory glory cheong play 4 true identity is C8817D, although not said before C8817E (huawei channel products), but the same as the basic specification and design.

Glory chang play 4 has 5 inches 720 p resolution IPS screen, 2 million / 8 million megapixel camera, and 2000 ma batteries, memory size is 1 g RAM + 8 g ROMThe collocation.Focus on processors, chang play 4 adopted Xiao dragon. 400, 64 quad-core processors, the main frequency of 1.2 GHz, support LTE CAT4, telecom support 4 g network, telecom 3 g network and GSM network, and system version in advance, with Android 4.44 custom EMUI2.3.

Cheong play 4 design also has the bright spot, shell, after the machine which USES a suede surface fine prints is very beautiful, and it is said that feel is very good, the other is about 8 mm thickness of the main camera not too exaggerated swelled.

After the phone conference today, will be in glory official mall walk-in for sale, reliable news that price is 999 yuan.