Geekbench slow to the data confirm that the iPhone is associated with cell aging

Primate Labs founder, John Poole on different iOS installed version of the iPhone 6 s, seven devices such as iPhone and tested, justifying the iPhone from the perspective of data visualization are associated with cell aging may reduce performance.Test version of the system including the iOS 10.2, iOS 10.2.1 and iOS 11.2.

The chart below shows the in iOS 10.2, most iPhoneThe performance of the 6 s equipment run similar points.However, when the iPhone 6 s upgrade to iOS 10.2.1, results in changes, when low scores to several small peaks.In other words, when the iOS 10.2.1 issued in January this year, after the iPhone 6 s performance began to gradually reduce.

Apple’s iOS 10.2.1 update notes mentioned, was just a small part reduces the iPhone users encountered unexpected shutdown.Many people think that, when iPhone unexpected shutdown may have relationship with cell aging.And report, apple iPhone 6 s improved equipment of the power management system, but apple does not make public.Recently, Reddit website netizens speculate that apple may deliberately reduce old iPhone performance, meet the energy efficiency and stability.

It is interesting to note that even the iPhone have also been affected, since iOS 11.2, 7 also met with similar to the iPhone 6 s iPhone upgrade to iOS 10.2.1 performance attenuation.This means that apple may deliberately reduce old iPhone performance, in order to maximize efficiency and stability, and, after all, as we use the battery in the iPhone has been aging.


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