FY’s Vimble 2 has Officially Announced in China with the Price of 599 yuan


FY technology officially launched the first new product Vimble 2 on January 25, 2018, and announced the price of RMB 599. It is a combination of free expansion, intelligent operation, bluetooth shutter and a variety of intelligent shooting control products. And it will again change the video recording mode of mobile phone video.

Vimble 2 not only improved photo/video shot in stable operation experience, but introduced the first scalable and stable film, customized track time-lapse photography and other technologies before the industry creatively, and redefined the mobile video shooting experience.

As Vimble 2’s first handheld stabilizer with retractable function, with 18 cm smooth metal extension rod design, greatly broaden the cell phone video shooting after stretching space, combined with FY family-owned control panel technology, the photographer can more easily control the camera angle, making video record within reach.

Vimble 2 is designed with composite materials and ergonomic curves to raise the body sensation to a new height. With the built-in “Sports/Selfie” shooting mode in the new APP-Vicool, the intelligent collaboration of the pitch axis and the course axis was adjusted in 1392 scenes to make the user no longer confused with the parameter adjustment. The sports mode let the camera keep sensitive to follow with the shooting carefree, and Selfie mode, no longer worried about slight wobble causing lens deflection.

Vimble 2 bluetooth connection is more intelligent, restoring more abundant shutter control scene: image shooting under a key control and rapid and accurate capture every moment. In the video recording, the mobile phone is freely switched front and back cameras, and it is more comfortable to live or record. This time, Vimble 2 unlock more new features in video. When shooting, finger taps the screen to select the lock area. Vimble 2 will open the deep simulation intelligence to follow, making sure the focus is not out of the box. Face tracking, light up your friend, and let her/him always be the main character in front of the camera.

Vimble 2 has achieved the free planning of precise control of mobile phone lens movement, as well as up to 1000 tracks free planning points, which will bring you unprecedented images.

Besides, Vimble 2’s meticulous design thinking can also make people’s eyes bright. Vimble 2 can only be run when the user needs it, even if it is accidentally switched on in the receiving system, there is no need to worry about the power loss. Vimble 2 can automatically detect whether it is empty and enter standby mode within 5 seconds. Also, Vimble 2 is better at taking care of your smartphone. After the shoot off, Vimble 2 slowly lands to ensure that the phone doesn’t crash.

Vimble 2 still inherits the technology advantages of FY technology in the field of photography, and the combination of fashion colors will definitely make you fall in love with video.


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