Full Screen Phones Account for 40% of the Total this Year and 5.6 inches into the Mainstream


Since the second half of last year, the global mobile phone market has undergone a dramatic change, which is the explosion of full-screen mobile phones. In all smartphones this year, a full screen design is expected to account for as much as 40 percent or more, according to data from oviyun.com. Almost all mobile phone manufacturers will show their level of flagship phones, and adopts the screen of 6 inches or above. At this point, it will put the smartphone industry pushing the screen size to 5.6 inches.

According to data of last year, we learned that in last year’s total panel shipments, Samsung had the top spot of 136 million units and the market share was 64.6%. The second is Tianma with 23 million units and the third AU Optronics with 13 million units.

In terms of size, the screen size of 5.x is the most, reaching 69.2%. The proportion of 6.x is 20.8%. The main dimensions are 5.7 inches, 5.8 inches, 5.99 inches, 6.01 inches and 6.2 inches. From this point of view, it is inevitable that the small screen phone will exit the history stage, and the development of smartphones will be faster and faster. In the future 5.6 inches will become the mainstream choice.


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