Full screen Mi self – aeration redmi5 appearance

The day before the official Xiaomi has been officially confirmed, will release two thousand machines: redmi5 and redmi5 Plus in December 7th, with thousands of full screen “for publicity slogans, in full screen, high power and light self as a selling point, according to the exposure news earlier, redmi5 will be 699 yuan from the sale.

见仁见智的见仁见智的The Different people, different views. Different people, different views..
Official self aeration redmi5 design

Today, Xiaomi mobile official has exposed two new machine’s “true colors of Mount Lu”, which can be seen that they use three segment metal fuselage and post fingerprint recognition. However, although redmi5 and redmi5 Plus do use 18:9 screen, the screen share is higher than the previous red rice mobile phones, but the width of the upper and lower sides of the faceplate has no advantage compared with the existing full screen models.

The Different people, different views.
The official self aeration redmi5 Plus design

According to the parameter information exposure earlier the Ministry website can be learned, redmi5 uses a 5.7 inch 720P screen, 2GB+16GB storage portfolio started, equipped with 450 Xiaolong mobile platform; redmi5 Plus uses 5.99 inches 1080P display, 3GB+32GB storage portfolio started, equipped with 625 Xiaolong mobile platform. The two mobile phone factory preloading is based on the Android 7.1.2 deep custom MIUI9.


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