full screen edge really nice Nokia , Nokia re – interpretation of The Return of the King

Nokia in China is still a lot of people ‘ s favorite mobile brand , has launched a number of high school after the regression model got good grades , the overall sales rise constantly . Nokia ‘ s strength but also very strong , recent foreign media of the re – exposure of Nokia for its new full screen primitive to be rendered , from the video that Nokia next year .

全面屏Nokia edge真漂亮,诺基亚再次演绎王者归来

From the data in the list we find , Nokia ‘ s new name : Nokia edge . In terms of the appearance of the used part of this season ‘ s double glass body , 2 . 5D curvature with an ergonomic principle , the whole feel of it . equipped with 18 : 9 full angle of view of the hyperboloid round screen , a narrow bezel can be almost ignored , reserving a part of the position of the upper and lower ends , with a resolution of up to 2K , and the display effect of a shock .

全面屏Nokia edge真漂亮,诺基亚再次演绎王者归来

Nokia edge next year as the impact of the model , in terms of hardware , also went to extraordinary lengths . and it is expected that the majority of mainstream flagship weapos ; ll do 845 Snapdragon processor , while Nokia edge in an effort to reduce costs and ensure availability , Xiao Long running memory 835 and 6G , the vertical post 24 million Zeiss authentication bearishly , standard 4300 mAh battery support 18W fast charging . Remarkably , we found in the primitive to be rendered , Nokia cancelled the entity fingerprint , the fingerprint was on the screen , the overall effect was to expect .

全面屏Nokia edge真漂亮,诺基亚再次演绎王者归来

Nokia overlord of the era that had the bomb , but it was returned to the brilliant period of confidence is not lost , as well as having a large amount of technology and patents , it could help break the deadlock , let us wait and see .


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