Flagship mobile Internet speed test: the iPhone X is the worst

Tencent digital dispatch (Eskimo) technology site PCMag recent century network speed on many smartphone conducted a comprehensive test, the result is quite intriguing.

The object of this test includes two different versions of the iPhoneX (use Intel and qualcomm modems) respectively, and the Galaxy Note8, Pixel 2 and LG V30 three use Xiao dragon – 835 processor – and qualcomm X16 modem flagship Android mobile phones.

From the point of test results, Google Pixel2 is the best among all mobile phone, no matter how the signal strength.The highest price of the iPhone X is the slowest.

These tests are LTEBand 4 frequencies, and 2 x2 MIMO and 4 x4 MIMO mode.Because the iPhone does not support the X 4 x4 MIMO, so test again for the rest of the phone 3 compares the performance in this mode.

Pictured above is 4 phone in 2 x2mimo contrast mode.It can be seen that using Intel XMM7480 iPhone X is the slowest, but the gap is not big.We’ve learned from the previous reports, apple deliberately down the speed of qualcomm X16 modems to match Intel XMM7480 performance, to eliminate the network speed gap between different models.

Below is the speed of open after four x4mimo contrast.In the network mode, transmit and receive antennas can achieve higher network throughput.

When the signal is weak, Pixel2 fared better than the Galaxy Note8 and LG V30 two phones, but the gap is not big.But if you look at the performance of the three mobile phone when the weak signal, will find that the speed of the Pixel 2 is the fastest.

As for the 4 x4 MIMO iPhoneX why not support?The most likely reason should be the apple in the equipment life considerations.Each generation of the iPhone’s battery capacity is not big, the iPhone X too, so apple need from all aspects as much as possible to save the power consumption of the equipment.


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