First leaked image of the OnePlus One Phone


Next week in Beijing OnePlus will take to the stage and finally unveil the OnePlus One flagship phone, unfortunelty the surprise may have been partly spoiled by this recent leak.

oneplus one leak

The above image shows what is believed to be the rear of the OnePlus One smartphone. The phone in the image features a bright “OnePlus” red body, the company’s “Never Settle” motto and a familar (to Oppo Find 5 owners) metal surround where the 13 mega-pixel Sony camera and dual LED flash are located.

I have it on very good authority that the design in the image is similar to an early prototype of the OnePlus One, with the addition of the “Never Settle” wording, but cannot confirm if the design has been tweaked for the production model.

 First leaked image of the OnePlus One Phone   First leaked image of the OnePlus One Phone

External leaks are only part of the news though as a purported image of the phone’s motherboard has also been posted online showing the OnePlus logo etched in (nice attention to detail).

OnePlus will unveil the OnePlus One in Beijing next week and we will be there to see the phone as it is launched.




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