Fingerprint reader is coming at the beginning of 2018

Vivo gets the first publish?

Recently,  Synaptics has said that they are preparing for producing fingerprint reader and the handsets that equip with it may be shown at CES 2018. And Synaptics has confirmed by social media that Vivo will firstly push out the handsets come with fingerprint reader setup, using Synaptics Clear ID FS9500 module.

Vivo had unveiled similar technique at MWC in Shanghai, the phone can use fingerprint to unlock. After then, Vivo had improved user experience by not pressing any button to unlock the phone. Clear ID is very convenient.

Most people pay attention on the flagship that is chosen to push out with fingerprint reader, mostly, vivo Xplay, because it is the top-of-the-line. It is a conclusion that Vivo is destined to be the first company to use fingerprint reader in global. However, there are other companies doing research on this technique. The new Samsung Galaxy 7 edge also can support fingerprint reader. Besides, Apple Inc patents OLED screen that is a kind of special design to get fingerprint reader. So Apple Inc don’t want any rival to possess fingerprint reader only.


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