Evaluation of the Second Generation of Nokia 6


The second generation of Nokia 6 is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 630 8-core processor, with 4GB of running memory and 32GB/64GB built-in storage space. With F/2.0 aperture, the front-facing  wide-angle camera is 8MP, while the rear 16MP . The battery capacity is 3000mAh, which supports the fast charge of 9V/2A specification. The system is pre-loaded with native Android 7.1.1, which has officially pushed Android 8.0 system update.

Appearance: Nordic metal wind style

The second generation of Nokia 6 is made of metal material. It seems to have a Nordic style of design tone, with pure black screen panel and simple fuselage elements, which looks like a harmony.

The front opening only has the handset on the top, with the front camera and NOKIA LOGO on the right, and the hand feels smooth and comfortable under the reflection of 2.5d arc glass. The screen and the metal frame are inlaid seamless transition. It achieves untouchable level that a lot of the flagship machine can’t get.

With 5.5-inch full HD IPS screen, the picture is exquisite and natural. And the color and visual range of the performance is the superior level among the 1000-yuan machine.

The fuselage of the second generation of the Nokia 6 is conservative style. High gloss chamfer processing matches with strong line of the body. On the back is a solid metal one-piece fuselage. The injection antenna is directly attached to the top and bottom of the fuselage. The metal fuselage of grind sand texture, whether look or feel, is very outstanding  without having thin feeling. The fingerprint identification module goes from the front to the back, and with the lower of the flash, the position of the fingerprint module is completely biased.

Knowing that shape and function are difficult to compete with first-line factories, Nokia is smart about its craftsmanship and quality. So the second generation of Nokia 6 has made its own features.

System: original flavor, down to earth.

The second generation of Nokia 6 is factory installed with Android 7.1.1 system, but HMD couldn’t wait to push the Android 8.0 upgrade after being sold less than half a month. So the experience is also based on Android 8.0. Let’s look at how HMD make native Android down to earth.

The interface part inherits the simple wind of the native system, and adopts the first level interface and the interface icon can be replaced by the third party’s icon package. It also adds the option of a negative screen, supporting a key to exhale the payment code and check the steps. If you like the original drawer style, you can also open the secondary desktop in the Settings, and then customize the icon. Notifications, cell phone Settings, dial-up interface are all strictly followed Google’s Material Design specification.

The second generation of Nokia 6 also supports the uplifting function, which can display the current time information when you raise the phone. It is relatively rare in Android camp.

Even with the original Android, HMD also provides a lot of down-to-earth features for Chinese users, such as application of the double open. Although it is hidden deeply in the Settings, it can also support QQ, WeChat. There are also integrated cell phone butlers that offer options to intercept harassment and regularly clean up the garbage. It also has fingerprint flash-payment function. Through specific fingerprint of the input, you can exhaled the interface of the qr code directly in the quenching state, revoking the unlock and click on the operation. The phone has also joined the gesture support functions. Combine feelings and practicality, it is the first impression that the new Nokia 6 gives us.

Photo: the front camera has a surprise.

The second generation of Nokia 6 is equipped with a front-facing 8-megapixel wide-angle camera, with a rear view of 16 megapixels. All of them are F/2.0 aperture. The camera interface is simple and easy to operate. In addition to setting the photo parameters, you can also turn on the dual shooting mode in front and on the back, and simultaneously start the front and back double lens shooting.

When taking photos in the same range with front-facing cameras , the second generation of the Nokia 6 is more extensive, showing more content and even better than the flagship iPhone 8Plus. You can easily take a selfie of your whole body without stretching your arms and you can make your face look smaller. As for the effect of the actual imaging, the color reduction is accurate, and it is biased towards the true style, which is enough for daily use. Taking a picture is not always an amazing point, but with a wide-angle front lens, the second generation of the Nokia 6 can bring a lot of surprises.

Hardware: Snapdragon 630 brings a balanced performance.

Snapdragon 630 adopts the eight-core architecture, and the core frequency is smaller than that of Snapdragon 625 processor in the previous generation. Integrated Adreno 508 and Spectra 160 ISP processors, and added to support for LPDDR 4 dual channel memory, although the parameters doesn’t make a significant leap forward, there is a lot of progress in all aspects. With the built-in baseband and X12 LTE Modem, it can be used to achieve the down rate of 600Mbps, while the upstream speed is 150Mbps.

In terms of running points, the second generation of the Nokia 6 is running at 89501 in the new version, which is in the mainstream model. In Geekbench, the single-core runs 883 points, while Multi-core 4221. With 4GB of running memory, it is enough to use both in daily and online games.

Life performance is also good. The native Android 8.0 system optimize background dormancy mechanism, then chombined with nokia’s own phone housekeeper optimization software, the 3000 mAh battery naturally has a superior, using one day is fully enough. The phone can be full of charge in a little more than an hour by using its own quick charge.

The second generation of Nokia 6 adopts Snapdragon 600 series processor, which brings the performance improvement from the beginning to the middle end. The most important thing is that as a new machine, the starting price is quite close to people. The second generation of Nokia 6 is a strong player, even with the many China models that claim to be cost-effective.


The second generation of Nokia 6 is more likely to please users in the process than in parameters. The solid and outstanding work of the fuselage, the smooth and silky native system experience, all of which that can not be seen in the parameters, but can really feel its charm when the real machine is used.


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