Eight nuclear double card double stay 4 g lenovo A916


As aMTK platformQuantity is very rare in the double card double stay4 g mobile phone, lenovo newly listed A916 far from product gold gate fighter A8 sentiment is high, the reason is price, A916 specification is not better than A808T/A806, prices have almost is flush with the latter.

In 1199 listed on the priceLenovo A916Recently landed shop no. 1, no. 1 shop offer more populist, relative to other platforms to sell 1098 yuan, if you are sensitive to prices, such as taobao platform has appeared less than one thousand yuan price, but is unable to confirm the double card single or double card double stay version.

Lenovo A916 compatible FDD – LTE/TD – LTE two unicom LTE network is one of the highlight of the machine, lenovo called it “double 4 g phones”, another person can support WCDMA/GSM network, have two standard SIM card slot is convenient at the same time the double card users.The machine USES the solutions agree with yao yao da 4 g, isMTK6592M+MT6290Dual chip solution, the main processor frequency slightly inferior in gold fighter A8, 1.4 GHz version.

Price one thousand yuan of lenovo A916 adopted 5.5 -inch 720 p resolution IPS screen, built-in 1 g RAM + 8 g ROMMemory and 2 million + 13 million pixels dual cameras, battery capacity is 2500 ma, carrying VIBE UI1.5 (Android 4.4).Appearance is not bad, 149.5 * 76.6 * 76.6 mm measurements, plus imitation leather grain after shell design.